Thursday, January 3, 2008

Does anyone do this?

I don't really have a recipe but my sister-in-law taught me something new over the holidays. When making green beans, she puts them on the stove and instead of using water to heat them up, she uses a can of chicken stock. I couldn't believe how flavorful they were! It's something to try if you like green beans and you like chicken.

Please note: last night I tried making this using water with chicken bouillon and didn't quite get the same flavor. Maybe I needed 2 cubes instead of one? The flavor wasn't as intense.


A. said...

I've never done this, but I like to throw a little onion and bacon in my green beans.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Good idea. But I wonder if Veg. stock will work good, too.

Great idea.

Michelle said...

Hello I am new to your blog but love it. I always make my green beans with chicken boullion. A rule of thumb is 1 cube per can. This is actually an old weight watcher recipe. The longer you let them cook the better they are. Try them in a crockpot all day or why you are at work. Weh i make mine i use 1 cube per can and then a little(1TSP) pampered chef dill and a 1tsp of garlic salt.