Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Cucumber - Frito Dip

My Aunt Marian made this for my bachelorette party - LOVED it! And I've made it a few times's always a hit!

2 bricks cream cheese
2 cucumbers
1-2 T dried onion flakes
1 T milk
salt, pepper, dill to taste

Let cream cheese sit out for awhile to soften. Peel cukes, cut in half lengthways and scoop the seeds out with a tablespoon. Use a cheese grater to shred the cucumbers. Mix together cream cheese, cukes, onion and milk, add salt and pepper to taste. (I add a lot of dill because I love it, but this was not in Aunt Mar's original recipe).'s best after it sits for awhile.

Most Important: Eat with Fritos! Really, tastes best with Fritos!


TLC said...

i just made this for today's OSU/UM game (party at my parent's) and i just have to say: it is so damn good. i tasted it just to make sure it had enough dill, salt and pepper...and i can't wait to eat more!!!!


TLC said...

big, big hit!

also tastes great with Pumpernickle sticks (Pepperidge Farm snack sticks).

everyone loved it.

Turtle Parade said...

I think it gets better the longer it sits. Whenever I make it, I'm a little disappointed at first taste, but then after it's sat in the fridge for awhile, and the flavors all get to melt together, it is FANTASTIC!