Monday, July 23, 2007


I'm using this as the inaugural post because they are M's favorite, and really, mine too. They are easy and delish.

(there really aren't any specific amounts here)
Frozen Meatballs
Grape Jelly
Chili Sauce

Fill your crockpot with frozen meatballs. Pour a jar of grape jelly and a jar of chili sauce over top. Turn your crockpot on high and let 'em simmer. Stir occasionally until meatballs are heated thoroughly and sauce is mixed well.

(I'll try to add a picture the next time I make them...)

Mmm...I can taste them as I type!


M said...

I'm making these for work on Friday. I'll see if someone can take a pic.

Yay! This site is coolio!

Turtle Parade said...

M - I'm looking for some Hanky-Pankies to be up here eventually!

wrestling kitties said...

OMG!!! Thank you for including me! I enjoy cooking so much and wanted to share TONS of recipes on my site but didn't know how interested everyone would be in them...and then you create this! Wonderful!

If these are the meatballs M. has made, then these are VERY delicious!

Flutterbot said...

Grape jelly eh? you Ohions! First you put chocolate in your chili (over spaghetti but I won't get into that) now jelly on you' meat!.. But never fear I'm on the don't knock it til you try it' side. :)