Friday, May 23, 2008

Cream Chicken Sandwiches

We call it cream chicken back home, but some of you may know it as shredded chicken. This is the easiest thing ever, and yet when I make it people just go crazy for it. I thought it would be a good addition for this weekend (or your summer cook-outs) along with my mom's pasta salad I posted below!

Step 1) Add one 50ounce can, fully cooked chicken to the crock pot (Tip: I use Sweet Sue Chicken from Sam's Club. It comes in a 50oz can and it is only about $7!!! If you have tried to buy canned chicken in regular grocery stores you know this is a deal for the amount of chicken you are getting! And the chicken itself is good!)

Step 2) Add 1 regular can cream of chicken

Step 3) Add 1 regular can cream of mushroom (Tip: you can replace this with cream of celery if you don't like cream of mushroom. It will make the chicken a bit runnier...but still yummy!)

Step 4) Season with salt and pepper to taste

Step 5) Stir together and turn crock pot on low until heated through

Couldn't be simpler! Serve with buns, cheddar cheese slices and ketchup - YUM! People will love it!


Lurker Girl said...

You could try using Root's Chicken too--available at Meijer in tubs--yummy!!!!

j_phred said...

KETCHUP?! That will RUIN it!